About Visual Audio Times

Visual Audio Times is a publisher of podcasts in Africa, working with podcasters all over the world. Stream some of the most entertaining, informative and educative podcasts on our website or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

We provide localised content for Africans in Africa and the diaspora. We curate and showcase conversations in several industries across the continent.

For Podcasters

Our services include:

Podcast Production

Planning, recording, and launching podcasts; Providing recording spaces and equipment, collaborating on scripting, post-production.

Podcast Distribution

Hosting of podcasts on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, etc. Optimising for prominent positioning on podcast platforms.

Podcast Promotion

Deploying content strategies, creating promotional materials, scheduling guests, securing partnerships to increase reach.

Live Podcast Events

Planning, organising and executing live podcast events for podcasters.

For Advertisers

Our advertising models include:


Reads are organic, authoritative descriptions of a brand, product, or service spoken by the voice talent. We collaborate with brands to craft authentic scripts for the voices who read them and ensure that they connect with the audiences who hear them.


Segments are highly-produced original stories that bring the experience of a brand, product, or service directly to listeners. With interviews, spotlights, and our signature explainers, we collaborate with brands to develop thoughtful audio narratives that prove our partners’ value through example.

Influencer Roles

Our hosts get to use your product or service and deliver positive reviews as testimonials to increase believability.

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