Join AOT2 and Ugochi on their wild journey as they discuss everything Pop culture, music, movies and more. 234 Essential focuses on Nigerian pop culture but goes beyond trending topics on social media. It looks at the bigger picture and provides accurate historical and societal context to what is trending online.

About the Hosts

Ugochi Anyanwu Profile Photo

Ugochi Anyanwu


Ugochi is a seasoned sales professional and a podcast co-host with over seven years experience in the retail industry and currently works as a Sales Manager for a reputable private tailoring and design brand in Lagos.

With her innate passion for building relationships, her training and interactions give way to her interest in people oriented service and also a trainer on customer service and satisfaction to SME's.
When she's not working, she's living her best life ^_^

Ayomide "AOT2" Tayo Profile Photo

Ayomide "AOT2" Tayo


AOT2 is a Nigerian journalist, podcast host, scriptwriter and founder of the Naija Times newsletter.

In the past, he has worked with Hip Hop World Magazine, Hip TV, THE NET, SoundCity Blast and others. He also worked at Pulse Nigeria for five years, where he rose to the position of Senior Editor. He is presently a Senior Editor at Opera News Nigeria.

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