Aug. 4, 2021

234 Essential: What One Year Of Podcasting in Nigeria Feels like

234 Essential: What One Year Of Podcasting in Nigeria Feels like

It’s been one year of podcasting for Ayomide ‘AOT2’ Tayo and Ugochi Anywawu, ever since they linked up to record their very first episode of 234 Essential - and they are pretty excited about it.

Starting a podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t something they thought to do, but 60 episodes later, the co-hosts are glad they did.

“When the idea was presented to me, I thought to myself, “yea, this is a good way to spend some free time”. I knew it was magic from the first episode”, AOT2 says.

The co-hosts started recording remotely and only met up to record about three months later physically. 

“We built the chemistry in our virtual recordings, but it’s good to be in the same space, talking, gisting and sharing experiences.

"We want to thank the listeners who make us going - from Nigeria to the UK, US, Canada and other regions", the co-hosts say.

234 Essential is a Pop Culture podcast that offers insights into people, politics, culture, policies, society, and history.

Episodes are published every Wednesday via the Visual Audio Times podcast network.

Ayomide “AOT2” Tayo

AOT2 is an entertainment journalist, content creator, scriptwriter and podcast host. In 2016, he and two of his friends/colleagues started the infamous Loose Talk Podcast, which went on a peerless 3-year run and became the number one podcast in Nigeria.  He is currently an editor at Opera News. 

Ugochi Anyanwu

Ugochi is our 'fun girl' with a background in Sales and Management & having worked many years in the Lifestyle and Fashion industries.

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