July 28, 2021

Blood Money

Blood Money

In this week's episode, AOT2 and Ugochi discuss the salary structure in Nigeria, Nigerians' public misbehavior, the premiere of Big Brother Naija Season 6, Wole Soyinka's prediction that Nigeria will break, Bishop Oyedepo's dismissal of pastors for lack

Episode Show notes:

Although Nigeria's salary system has been decapitated (12:49), spending too much time at the ATM is inconvenient (22:16). Meanwhile, Big Brother Naija has begun (36:37), with one ex-BBN housemate purchasing a Range Rover during this difficult period (47:40). Nigeria will break, according to Wole Soyinka (1:02:04). Bishop Oyedepo dismisses his pastors for failing to satisfy financial obligations (1:16:10), and Nigerians have won the NBA MVP award in both the male and female categories (1:33:39).

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