July 21, 2021

Crazy Rich Igbos

Crazy Rich Igbos

In this week's episode, AOT2 and Ugochi discuss the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother, the Federal government budgeting N4.8bn to monitor WhatsApp, Satellite Phones, Fashola Proposing three Month Rent By Landlords, why landlords collect service charges, Drivi

Episode Show notes:

Last weekend, Obi Cubana shut down the village of Oba in Anambra state to bury his mother (16:06), but the practice drew mixed emotions (25:30). Traditional weddings are expensive due to cultural ceremonies (44:43), and Igbos have more franchisees in Lagos (53:20). FG is monitoring our social media accounts (55:48), and Fashola is suggesting that landlords collect three months' rent (1:01:43). Lagos drivers drive like they're in a weird race (1:18:40). APC senator commissions an Airtel mast as though it were his project (1:25:23), and the Nigeria Basketball team jerseys are released by the customs (1:27:50).

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