Sept. 1, 2021

Out Of The Blue Comes The Storm.

Out Of The Blue Comes The Storm.

In this episode, AOT2, Ugochi and their guests Themadamzeta and Ejiro Osigbone discuss the invasion of NDA by bandits, the dependent state of the Nigerian media, cognitive bias as a weapon, and more.

Episode show notes
Acclaimed Bandits invaded the Ni

Episode show notes:
Acclaimed Bandits invaded the Nigerian Defense Academy (9:32), while the Nigerian media is dependent on what the government says (14:59), and Nigerians have a low pain threshold (21:01). Ejiro discusses poverty as the biggest driver of political suppression in Nigeria (30:06) and how easy it is for Nigerians to carry arms because of hunger (51:35). As a country, we need to be deliberate on our future (1:09:02) because the government uses cognitive biases against us (1:14:37).

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