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Naija - Turkish

234 essential is a big force in the African podcast circle, I’m forever glued guys, Please don’t stop, Love y’all.

Big Ups

Ayo and Ugochi podcast needs sponsorship right away. Brands are sleeping on these two. Fresh content week in week out. It’s no mean feat. Well done guys, your mic situation are clearly in the past. Continue in your strides, is there a way for listeners also to support you guys in your endeavor

Keep Going Guys!

Keep It Up!

Excellent work

This is amazing guys. Keep up the great work.

Highly Entertaining!

AOT2 and Uhgochee continue to give us podcast hits back 2 back, week in week out. I love to hear AOT2 reminisce on past personal experiences and Nigerian popular culture. Helps to fill in the gaps of naija culture from the 1990s to the advent of afrobeat. Uhgochee is also a great storyteller and constantly proves that she’s good at what she does. I can really picture this duo in a visual production consisting of a country tour across major cities with local celebrities as their guests. Keep up the good work, guys. ♥️

Love it!

AOT2 and Ugochee are a great matchup for this podcast. Glad to have them in the studio together. Always a fun listen as they gist about the daily happenings in Naij. Shoutout to Visual Audio Times and their efforts to bring us consistent, quality content.