July 12, 2021

Too Much Sex.

Too Much Sex.

In this week's episode, AOT2 and Ugochi talk about the Agbo market, the demise of the legend sound sultan, Hostels having low maintenance culture, Southern governors demanding the next president should come from the south, and Nigerian franchises that hav

Episode Shownotes:

Ugochi talks about the Agbo market and its mixtures (8:65), while AOT2 speaks about the demise of Sound Sultan (15:20). He also speaks about the kind of questions that should be asked on a first date (26:10) and the southern governors demanding the next president be from the south (1:05:33). AOT2, Ugochi, Abe give accolades to Nigerian franchises that are still standing strong over years (1:17:05), and they talk about the flop and prop of the week (1:33:43).

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