July 31, 2021

The Breakdown: "Merchant, Dealers and Slaves" by Brymo

The Breakdown: "Merchant, Dealers and Slaves" by Brymo

"Merchants, Dealers and Slaves" might be Brymo's third studio album, but it's his first classic.

Possibly inspired by his bitter departure from his former record label, MD&S shows Brymo's at his darkest moment even when the album electrifies us with its instrumentation and sarcastic ironies.

Produced entirely by long-time collaborator Mikky Me (who produced Brymo's pre-label debut Brymstone in 2007), Merchants, Dealers & Slaves features only one guest appearance, a non-vocal one which gives Brymo the full canvas to paint his pictures how he sees it fit.

I had the opportunity to break down this album in its entirety with Nigerian Pop Culture aficionado Ayomide Tayo.

Listen to a new episode of A Music In Time, breaking down Merchants, Dealers & Slaves below.