June 4, 2022

How M.I Abaga Made Nigerian Hip-Hop Relatable with “Talk About It”

How M.I Abaga Made Nigerian Hip-Hop Relatable with “Talk About It”

Before 2008, Nigerian Hip-Hop was majorly described as ‘hardcore’, with a large part of the general music followers often complaining about how unrelatable their music w

Many Hip-Hop acts, such as the Trybesmen trio, eLDee, Freestyle and KB, 2shotz and frequent collaborator BigLo, often rapped in Pidgin English. Others like Lord of Ajasa and Mr Raw rapped predominantly in native dialects. 

Nevertheless, stakeholders in the Entertainment Industry spent time berating English-speaking Hip-Hop music, saying the quality of their music should not demand popularity. 

So when M.I Abaga arrived in 2008 with his debut album “Talk About It”, it was the perfect response to the music audience palette for Hip-Hop music in the country. The album was carefully crafted by the short black boy from Jos, who not only delivered some of the best-written songs along with eclectic production.

Fourteen years later, M.I Abaga’s Talk About It is best described as an impactful album that made Hip-Hop more relatable and reached more music lovers, birthing new genre fans. It’s a cult classic.

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