Adulting… A total puzzle right, we know! We are trying to figure it out like you are. The Adult puzzle podcast is about navigating life as young adults. Each week Lamide and Lolade have conversations around topics, issues and realities about entering early adulthood. Each episode is an open conversation to share experiences, stories, opinions. The hosts occasionally include amazing guests who bring different points of view to the conversation.

About the Hosts

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Lamide is Mr Nice guy and forever dishing out compliments. He is also a music head and sports guru. When Lamide is not recording the amazing podcast, he is probably working on one of his tech startup ideas or watching a cool tv show/movie. Home is where the heart is and Lamide’s heart is green all the way, proud Nigerian.

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Lolade is a free spirit, wellness enthusiast and adventure junkie in her early 20's. She works in the biotech industry, and when she isn't working her 9-5, she is embarking on passion projects like podcasting on the side