Adult Puzzle Season 2 Ep 1 Living In Lagos

On this episode, the hosts are joined by a very special guest and friend of the show , Fisayo. They discuss Lagos living, especially as a young adult. Touching on the social , dating , working culture and many more unique experiences the mega city has to offer.

Fisayo in the building (2:27), Lagos through Fisayo’s eyes (4:37) , Lagos through Lolade’s eyes (6:40) , Moving back to Lagos, why? (9:40) , Adult struggles living in Lagos (12:00) , What;s to love about Lagos (10:14) , Social scene in Lagos (21:31) , The beauty of a community ( 27:08) , Dating in Lagos (31:50) , Cost of living in Lagos & how difficult is it to make money(59:51) , Office & Driving culture in Lagos (1:06:01) , Living in Lagos long term (1:16:51), Advice for anyone moving back to Lagos (1:19:40)