Adult Puzzle Season 2 Episode 2 Social Media

On this episode, the hosts discuss the biggest universal connector today, social media. They share their thoughts on the platforms available , average time they spend on these platforms, clout chasing as well as the advantages or disadvantages of social media.

Lolade & Lamide’s dream travel destinations (00:51) Lolade’s silver rule (3:10), Consumer vs creator (5:27), Lamide and Lolade discuss their relationship with social media (5:59) , Fake lifestyles on social media (13:10), Favorite social media apps (15:20), Wild wild Twitter (20:16), Average time spent on social media (23:30), Quitting social media (25:38), Overnight internet fame “celebrity” (31:10), Gossip blogs (35:10), Clout chasing (36:44), The comment section (52:55), Cancel Culture (58:58), social media pros (1:01:00)