May 9, 2022

Afrobeats Weekly, A Podcast About All Things Afrobeats Launches

Afrobeats Weekly, A Podcast About All Things Afrobeats Launches

In the last couple of years, Afrobeats has witnessed a lot of growth within and outside Africa. It has become more than just a music genre; it is a unifier, bringing together millions of people through lyrics, rhythm and beats. 

Afrobeats Weekly is a new podcast that highlights some of the biggest news and information about Afrobeats across the globe. The podcast, hosted by Yewande Awolana and Tunde Adediran, will analyse new music releases and review some of your favourite Afrobeats songs and projects.

Afrobeats Weekly, produced by Visual Audio Times, blends 'newsy' and evergreen content around music and the documentation of music (charts) to bring you quality updates and information about Afrobeats. 

Osagie Alonge, music curator and co-founder of Visual Audio Times, says the release of the podcast is essential in the documentation of Afrobeats. "Afrobeats has taken off globally, and we strongly feel local voices have to curate the music and culture around the genre," Alonge says.

He adds, "We are happy to work with Yewande and Tunde, who are passionate about telling the Afrobeats story."

Listen to the podcast trailer here.