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Best Birth Prep There Is!

This podcast prepared me so well for my second birth. I found the info to be valuable, challenging, and unique. Alexia is a great host and provides so many resources. Definitely check this out if you’re preparing to give birth!


I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I can't explain how much this podcast means to me! I truly have no fears going into my birth, and I am confident I can have a beautiful, pain free birth. I especially love the interviews with midwives, doulas, and lactation specialists. My husband and I also loved the "Birthing for Blokes" episode. I have learned so much, and recommend this podcast often! I've also made it my mission to be mindful of empowering women to be fearless about childbirth! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Alexia is so insightful! ❤️❤️❤️

I had to come support with a review. I heard her on birthful podcast and she was so knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Her perspective on fear has helped me so quickly. I related to her story of freaking out when finding out she was pregnant. I did the same thing and also lost the pregnancy. I can't wait to learn more and book sessions and just soak up everything she has to offer! 💯❤️💯❤️💯

Essential for Moms-to-be

Thank you for providing such important information for all of us moms-to-be who wish to be as informed and empowered as possible. The latest podcast on Optimal Cord Clamping was especially eye-opening. Thanks for covering all the bases!


THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEXIA for taking the time to get the fear free birth message out there to moms! I didn't know there was any other way until finding your podcast. I was soooo afraid to even get pregnant, because I knew the baby had to come out somehow! Was SURE I'd plan a c-section/epidural... ANYTHING to keep the pain down. Though my mum had me no-drugs in a hospital in the 80s, I have been exposed to negative birth stories my entire life. I had the phobia of childbirth! ALEXIA you SAVED ME! I am confident that I can handle it naturally (God willing!!!) and AT HOME for my first baby - due this November :). If you didn't live in England, I would give you a great big hug of gratitude for changing my life and bringing JOY JOY JOY to my pregnancy!!! xoxoxoxo

Thank you Alexia!!!

So grateful I found your incredibly wonderful show, thank you for all you share Alexia!! I am 25 weeks pregnant with our second child, loving chasing around our tiny toddler, and listening to your show when she naps is such an enriching time for myself. Love all the information ( we're all kindred spirits!), & the wonderful positive birth stories, keep up the excellent work!! Love from upstate New York, USA

So glad I found this!

So informative! This podcast gives great information and resources. Alexia has every mothers best interest at heart. No subject is off topic. Incredibly helpful and assuring. Not to mention, she responds to all of her emails. Absolutely wonderful!

Encouraging for FTM

Supportive and interesting content. Heart is in right place. A little too much repetitive self promotion, but podcast has been interesting and useful to listen to during pregnancy.

Great resource

This podcast gave me so much confidence in the upcoming birth of my first baby.

A great start to taking my journey back!

I have found so much encouragement from listening to these podcasts! Alexia is my first exposure to thinking about pregnancy as something that is mine to own all the way through birthing and beyond! I could listen all day because it is so empowering to me and gives me such good resources to expand my knowledge and ownership of the beautiful journey that is pregnancy!!

Full of heart.. has really helped me enjoy my pregnancy

I am now 7 months pregnant with my first baby and had a helluva first 5 months.. sick as a dog, worried about everything and bullied by medical professionals. After starting up some reading on Hypnobirthing, I stumbled upon Alexia's podcast and have been listening to it in the car religiously ever since. It is helping to totally change my outlook on this process - and I'm happy to say I am actually *enjoying* my pregnancy now and looking forward to my birth! Thank you for putting this out in the world, Alexia.

Kind, thoughtful, reassuring information

In a world full of fear-mongering, Alexia presents solid evidence for a positive birth experience. She soothes fears and prevents real, myth-busting information. Did you know that the conventional way to predict due date is not based on science, but is from the bible? Neither did I til I listened to this podcast.

Recommend it to all my childbirth ed couples!

As a HypnoBirthing® instructor, I came across Alexia’s podcast when I was looking for ways I can benefit my childbirth education couples. What a treasure I found here! I have absolutely FALLEN in LOVE with Alexia’s brilliant, warm, thoroughly researched and infectiously enthusiastic program. She offers invaluable expertise and insights from remarkable guests, encouraging and uplifting positive birth stories from her own clients, and quite a powerful mix of knowledge and experience of her own as well. I highly recommend it to all my expectant couples! Please give her a review and show YOUR appreciation for this fine show, too!

Two thumbs up

I enjoy this woman’s podcast and her conversations. Insightful information, great and positive uplifting stories for every mother to be and new moms who still enjoy these stories and information. Great job.

Used this Podcast from 1st Trimester

I found this podcast during my first trimester and it was my education into childbirth. I have learned about more birthing options and ways to empower myself through the birthing process.


This is the very best podcast to prepare you for labor and birthing. I'd recommend it to everyone. I love it! I can't get enough. I'll probably even listen to it after I have baby!

Thanks for the ENCOURAGEMENT

Recently discovered that I’m pregnant with my first child - and I have been so terrified of the actual labor and birthing process. After listening to your show I feel a hundred times more empowered and encouraged. Thank you for sharing your own personal stories and ways to rid yourself of the unneeded stress. Super looking forward to season two and learning more! This podcast is fantastic!

What an incredible resource!

I found this amazing podcast by a random search in my first trimester, and I am SO thankful I did! Alexia's kind, warm spirit and no-nonsense wisdom is exactly what you want to be filling your mind with throughout your pregnancy. I love listening to this podcast and it really helps me get in a great frame of mind, as well as providing excellent information. I'm 22 weeks now, and I know the things I'm learning through this podcast will benefit me and baby boy throughout the rest of my pregnancy and beyond. This podcast is a keeper! Just start listening right now!

FTM loving all of this information

As a First Time Mom I can't give enough praise for all the wonderful information this podcast brings. I am birthing at home with a midwife and doula. All the messages are very much in line with my own personal philosophy regarding our amazing innate intelligence and the effect LIFE can have on us trusting that intelligence. Thank you and I look forward to listening every week until I give birth AND beyond!

Priceless Information for the Pregnant Mum!

I had 2 home births, but know my stress level could have used Alexia ESPECIALLY during my first pregnancy! Thank you, Alexia, for releasing this wisdom to the women who need to hear that the Pregnancy-power-place resides within! There is too much information around the negative birth experience which leads to fear or avoidance of getting past the limiting beliefs we hold about our own personal power as women. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to share this with all my pregnant friends!