July 28, 2021

Healed or Suppressed?

Healed or Suppressed?

On this week's Episode, Feyikemi and Simi discuss the premiere of Big Brother Naija Season 6, getting along with someone from your ex's squad, girls being slut-shamed, dealing with previous emotions, and whether or not to give grace or cut off stale conne

Episode Show notes:

Season 6 of Big Brother Naija has begun, and the contestants are witnessing a lively and competitive environment (13:39). Is it, nevertheless, appropriate to give your ex's friends? (16:23), and why do girls get slut-shamed for being with a lot of guys, but boys don't get the same treatment? (20:49). Feyikemi argues on whether moving on from the past indicates you've genuinely healed or whether you're just repressing the pain. Simi suggests (at 24:20) that no one can help because only the person knows how they truly feel (26:19). Feyikemi also wonders if stale friendships are given grace or cute off (27:57). The ladies discuss what Netflix shows and songs they've indulged in the past week (30:26).

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