July 29, 2021

Inner Child Work.

Inner Child Work.

This week, Pelumi discusses what inner child work is, the traumatic experience that occurred, the cause, and how it affects teenagers' lives through dependency, loss of identity, and a desire for self-validation, as well as approaches to healing inner chi

Episode Show notes:

Inner child work introduces teenagers to deal with certain issues that manifest themselves when they are older (0:24), the emotional mind develops before the logical mind (1:59), so people who have inner child wounds suffer a traumatic experience(2:25), from a critical window (2:28). Although, it's not all about how bad the experiences were but about how you dealt with them (3:10). This traumatic experience is caused by molestation, low self-esteem (3:24) and it affects your life through codependency which makes you lose your self of identity (4:10), having commitment issues (7:15), crave a sense of validation (7:56), which sabotage relationships(8:30). Children need parents who will instill discipline on them from addictive abuse (12:06), which is as a result of traumatic experiences (13:40). Healing your inner child begins from identification (15:55).

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