Oct. 4, 2021

Lagos As A Backdrop with Loup Garous

Lagos As A Backdrop with Loup Garous

This episode is about Seun Opabisi and Kewa Oni, The brains behind Loup Garous who talk about the Pros and limitations of visual curation in Lagos, the Importance of the ownership of stories, and Global influence. Press play.

Show note:

Chidera engages Seun & Kewa in the conversation about what storytelling mean to them from the visual representation perspective (2:00)

Kewa sheds light on what fueled the concept of using Lagos as their backdrop (3:38)

Kewa breaks down how external forces could influence creativity (23:42)

Storytelling with Zeta breaks down the different sectors and individuals that play a significant role in the Nigerian storytelling space. 

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