May 25, 2021

Know When To Pull Out

Know When To Pull Out

On this week's episode, FreshL, Moni and Od Mbadiwe and their guests Ajebutter and Yele Bademosi talk about crypto and its benefits, the Bundle app, recent kidnappings and robberies in Lagos, the toll gate being renovated, the possibility that blue therap

Show Notes

The game has changed (2:53)
About the guests (7:11)
No more masks (16:33)
Crypto (21:49)
Kidnapping (54:53)
Yahoo vs legit work (1:06:37)
Blue therapy (1:10:09)
Pop culture (1:11:11)
Nick cannon (1:21:20)
Fam mail (1:26:15)
Music of the week (1:37:26)

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