July 20, 2021

Moni Walks

Moni Walks

In this week's episode, FreshL, Moni Osibodu, and Od Mbadiwe, and their guest Donna Duke talk about Obi Cubana's mother's funeral, how life has been since returning from the United States, Italy's Euro 2020 final victory over England, finding one's purpos

Episode show notes

Obi Cubana shut down the town of Oba in Anambra state last weekend to bury his mother (8:29), but the ritual was met with varied reactions (10:04). While the guest Donna Duke talks about herself (12:20), how it's been since she moved back to Nigeria (14:20), and the strain that comes with being a politician's child (18:30). When it comes to sports, Italy defeated England in the Euro 2020 finals (20:00). Moving on, Freshl discusses finding meaning/purpose (27:35), different techniques of meditating (34:40), if happiness is a choice (36:58), Netflix and music shows they've been engaged on (39:37), and OD responds to a fan mail.

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